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Jamie Lennon


I’ve always had a passion for Electronics and Technology, ever since I first played games on my dad’s Digital DX33 486 at the age of 5 in the early 90’s, was pulling things apart and learning how they worked since day one, in 2006 I completed my Diploma in Computing and Network Support Level 5 then as life dictates, moved onto being a mechanic for 13 years, worked at Honda, Skoda, Mazda, Ford, each presenting me with a new challenge but also never the path I originally wanted, I would always find myself delving further into tech rather than working on cars with my mates on the weekend, that’s why I decided to put my time back into what I enjoy, and to spend more time with my 2 kids.

There are no problems

Only Solutions

Basic Prices


Basic charge out
$50 per hour


For ongoing teamviewer and phone support for businesses

$120.00 month

$630.00 6 Months

$1200.00 12 Months

Callout Rate

$60 per hour
$2 per km if outside dargaville boundry.

I believe everybody should be provided with fair and honest service

Phone support and enquiries are free for the first 15 minutes then charge out rate applies.


Builds and Upgrades

I work with you to tailor build a PC or upgrade your existing one to suit your gaming or business needs with parts sourced directly from PB Tech, no upselling of parts, you only pay for my labour and shipping costs with the added certainty of component warranty directly from the supplier.

Virus and Malware Removal

As much as all of us avoid downloading malware to our machines, there are over 750 million malware attacks on computers every year, and with the increased threat of cyber attacks on businesses the most important thing we can all do is fight this threat one PC at a time. That starts with removing anything you already have on your machine, at worst it will require a complete backup and sanitation of all files and documents, then a complete format and operating system install. It only takes one botnet to take down a stock exchange by DDOS, don’t let your machine become assimilated, there are a number of virus detection programs, and Microsoft has gotten alot better with windows defender, but there are still rootkits that are undetectable, the best defence is not to let it get on your machine to begin with, so strong security is a must for every user, I do not endorse a single detection program, nor do I sell them, many do one thing better than the other, I will find the one that best suits the needs of your home or business network and lock down any easily exploitable security holes in your operating system and software.


Be it some bad ram (or not enough), a dying hard drive, a graphics card showing artefacts, a cpu overheating, bad caps on a motherboard, or a bad power supply, unfortunately, hardware fails and it can present itself in rather strange ways, my job is to determine exactly what has failed, what is causing a bluescreen, game freezes, random restarts, or programs to force close, this starts with diagnosing the root cause by eliminating anything software or virus related then stress testing each component individually.

Network Installation

From setting up your home wireless, to multi server business networks, I can do cabling and rack installs tailor made to your requirements, as well as wireless extenders for farms.

Console Modding and Repair

I love gaming, and have been modding consoles since the early 2000’s, I offer modchip installation on PS1, PS2, XBOX, RGH/JTAG and DVD Firmware hacking of XBOX360, and PS3/PS4 Jailbreaking services. I can also replace those bad caps, DVD laser, or repair traces/upgrade the hard drive on your XBOX or replace the motherboard on your RROD/RDOD Xbox360, quotes will be on a case to case basis.

Data Recovery Solutions

Probably the most important aspect of a computer is what you have on it, be it your documents, pictures, videos, music, games, or applications. Hard drives as well as flash drives can and do fail on a regular basis, sometimes we make a mistake and delete a file or format a drive and wonder can we get it back? The answer is, as long as it hasn’t been overwritten, I have a toolbox of data recovery programs at my disposal and the odds are, I can get it back, unless the drive is internally damaged, in that case I will send it to the wizards at Digital Recovery Ltd.

Remote Support

I offer one on one as well as AFK remote support through teamviewer from 9.00am to 3.00pm and 7.30pm to 1am, from general enquiries and solutions to network and client maintenance. Support package pricing can be found on the Prices page.

Retro PC Repair

Are you a Dos gamer with an old Pentium 1, 2, 3, 4, or 286/386/486? Would rather not have to use an emulator to play the classics? I have over 25 years experience in DOS and Windows 9x machines, can do recapping, trace repairs, hard drive recovery, upgrades such as ram/cpu/CF card installations, and parts sourcing.

Book Your Service

For general enquiries, call me on (09) 283-2139 or use the form below to book something specific, I will let you know if it takes longer than an hour depending on your requirement.

Open Hours

Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Sat – Sun: By Appointment

Additional Support Hours

Mon – Sun: 7.30 pm – 1 am


30 Awakino Road,
Dargaville, 0310


(09) 283 2139